Global Solutions for Local Market

Since 5 years, we offer comprehensive services for operators in the sector of sport marketing, territorial marketing, public administration, IT and business. Solutions that we use are based on best practices from around the world, adapted to the requirements and realities of local markets.

We specialise in both strategic, conceptual creation as well as the management and implementation of projects. Each project is tailored to the individual needs of our clients, so we lack in standard solutions and schemes.

Our core values are:

  • Partnership and trust - in relationships with our partners, customers and employees we base on trust.
  • • Focus on the goal - in projects, we precisely define the objectives and tasks, and then execute themnastępnie realizujemy je.
  • • Professionalism - we focus on the highest level of our services and products.
  • • The joy and passion - we approach each project with great passion and commitment.

Our key competence

We create mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, which will help your company reach the customer. We deploy websites based on CMS systems.

As part of our services, we conduct a comprehensive marketing activities, promotion and PR. One of the key elements of any project is the visual identification of the brand or its individual graphic elements

We also offer IT and marketing consultancy. We specialize in advising for the sport marketing industry

We have experience in managing both small and complex projects. We offer effective implementation of EU projects, from acquisition through project implementation and compliance indicators, ending up with a financial settlement of EU projects.

For sport facilities seeking investor we provide a range of services related to the sale of the naming rights of the object. We advise companies interested in purchasing the rights to the name of sport/ multipurpose arenas.

We provide expertise and consultancy for companies interested in promoting their brand through sport, in the form of sponsorship of the club, player, event or league.

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