Solutions that we use are based on best practices from around the world, adapted to the requirements and realities of local markets. In order to ensure the highest quality each solution is tailored to customer requirements. Selected products are:

Mobile Applications

We create mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Based on the needs of our clients (business, institutional and government) we prepare customized mobile applications that are intended to promote the company and provide information about it on mobile devices as well as preparing special assistance (guides, maps) dedicated to its customers. Examples of functionality implemented by our application:

  • augmented reality
  • map module
  • QR code scanner
  • travel planner
  • CMS
  • content & multimedia


We deploy websites based on CMS, both opensource and dedicated. We specialize in a comprehensive approach, starting from identifying the goals of the project, architecture content, usability, the graphics, the selection of appropriate technology and implementation, finishing on operating websites.


One of the key elements of any project is the visual identification of the brand or the preparation of the individual graphic elements of the project. We build the image of companies and brands, prepare visual identity (logo, brand book, gadgets, website layout). At work we use a variety of methodologies, including design thinking to create brand in accordance with the objectives set by the client, and in order to reach the end-user.

Dedicated IT solutions

We also conduct dedicated, tailored IT projects


We also offer IT consultancy and marketing. We specialize in advising the sport marketing industry.

EU Project Management

We offer effective implementation of EU projects, from acquisition through project implementation and compliance indicators, ending up with a financial settlement of EU projects.

Sponsorship MIX

We provide expertise and consultancy for companies interested in promoting their brand through sport, in the form of sponsorship of the club, player, event or league.

Project Management

We have experience in managing both small and complex projects.

Communications and Marketing

As part of our services, we conduct a comprehensive marketing activities, promotion and PR starting from strategy building, through executions and finishing on evaluation. Examples of services:

  • building a marketing strategy and communications
  • Graphic design
  • Supervising and conducting market research
  • Media Relations
  • Internet PR and social media PR
  • Events, conferences and special events
  • Media Buying
  • Preparation and distribution of press releases

Business Naming Rights

We advise companies interested in purchasing the naming rights of sport /multipurpose arenas.

The service comprises of following steps:

Stage I - Acquisition

1. Search for arenas that meet the requirements of the company's brand

2. Analysis of the value of  titular rights of arena for sponsor

3. Offer to purchase and negotiations

  •   analysis of the conditions
  • preparation of draft contracts

Stage II - Activation

4. The communication strategy of acquiring rights and their implementation

5. The integration of the company's and arena’s marketing objectives

  • fit the company's brand and arena    
  • joint actions on branding and promotion

6. Plan of activation of naming rights

  •      promotional activities and events
  •      PR and media relations
  •      hospitality

Phase III - Implementation
7. Implementing  the strategy and servicing company
8. Marketing research and media
9. Project monitoring - conclusions and implement better solutions

Arena Naming Rights

For sport facilities seeking investor we provide a range of services related to the sale of the naming rights of the arena. This service involves the sale of naming rights of sport, recreation, tourism and other multi-functional arenas with marketing potential. The service is composed of following steps:

Stage 0 – Presales Analysis
Before deciding to use the comprehensive services "Arena Naming Rights ", there is the option to purchase presales analysis. It consists of:

  •     Analysis of the opportunities and threats associated with decision to sale the rights
  •     Estimating the value of an arena by market methodology
  •     Sale recommendation and restrictions
  •     Report for the decision maker

Step 1 - Valuation of titular and marketing rights

  •     Acquisition of media data
  •     Use the international valuation methodology, proven in the Polish reality
  •     Prepare a list of rights and their description
  •     Determination of monetary values ​​of individual rights to the exposure
  •     Preparation for negotiations with potential partners

Step 2 - Strategy of rights sale

  •     Sales strategy for business rights
  •     Strategy for internal and external communication
  •     Content of business offer (optional graphics )
  •     Recommending the appointment of a sponsor
  •     Relevant provisions of the agreement with the sponsor, examples of contracts or preparation of contract

Step 3 - Implement the strategy - acquiring a sponsor

  •     The implementation of the strategy - conducting active sales activities (broker )
  •     Representing arenas in meetings and negotiations with potential sponsors
  •     Indigenous Sponsor